The greatest wealth creation effect of our modern age.

A treasury-backed ecosystem of DeFi products built for longevity and user empowerment. Syncus will continue to reward stakeholders. Simply buy and stake.

Earn yield on an appreciating asset like never seen before.

By staking SYNC tokens, trading supply gets reduced, which increases demand. Stakers receive rewards for not selling their tokens while it is earning them revenue. EVERYONE WINS!



Every trade with Syncus, whether buying, selling, staking, or unstaking, fuels the perfectly designed ecosystem. This cycle promotes a steady treasury growth, rewarding the patience of long-term holders while profiting on short-term traders. People who sell SYNC tokens contribute to the rewards of those who remain staking with Syncus.



By staking your SYNC tokens you are helping the operational stability of SYNC. By reducing the supply of SYNC you ensure the stability and liquidity of the ecosystem. The more SYNC you stake, the more rewards you receive. It is a win-win: you earn while supporting the token's strength and value.

The first protocol where selling is good for holders.

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How to buy $SYNC?

$SYNC can be purchased on Uniswap or any of the other exchanges below. Watch the video tutorial for an easy guide to purchasing via Uniswap and staking


Syncus will be the fastest growing cryptocurrency ecosystem of our time.

The protocol currently earns stakers:

$300,000 per day


Think of Syncus as a decentralised bank that operates on blockchain technology. Contrary to popular belief, traditional banks do not earn yield on your deposits by loaning them. Instead, they print money out of thin air every time a loan is issued. Syncus challenges traditional economic theories by decentralising this power to all its participants rather than 1 central authority.